(vol. 8W, no. 5; newsletter by b.n.)
Well, this is my week to pay for violating the Coastal Pirates Newsgroup Policy. So I have just 500 words to cover the events of our last game. Hmm... I wonder if 500 is considered a word? I know five hundred would be two words ... I wonder. So, since I am limited in the amount of space that is allotted, I will be unable to discuss Wildman's experiences in the "alternate lifestyle" bars that he frequented in San Francisco. I will also be unable to discuss the radical new membership requirements that Harris will institute to prevent us from playing with a short bench.

Well, without out wasting another 100 words, here's the ugly truth about our last game:
As we all know Nick left to confines of the Pirate brotherhood to establish his own team, known as Homicide. Another player familiar to the Pirates is occasional substitute and Miller family member, Evan. (well maybe he's not that familiar considering everyone calls him Joe). Those two members accounted for 1/3 of the team; they also managed to account for 2/3 of their goals.

We started the game with just BB on the bench -- which should have been an advantage considering that the Homicide had no (as in 0 -- "nada") subs. That's not the way it shook out with Homicide jumping out to a 2-0 lead. The Pirates managed to jump on the board when #67 took the puck up the left boards and hit Chris on the far side of the rink just as he crossed the blueline. Chris ignored #67 who was screaming for him to "shoot the puck"; Chris instead made a crisp pass to BB who was breaking down the center of the rink who converted for our first goal. I think the 1st period ended with the score of 2-1.

Then it happened. "It" being that lull we seem to fall into where we give up a couple of goals back to back. This time it was three. So there we stood, playing a team with no subs -- and we were trailing 5-1. Fortunately, Roger fired the puck from the blueline and Chris was able to deflect it in for the score to draw us to 5-2 at the end of the 2nd.

Believe it or not, Wildman showed up at the beginning of the 3rd, so we found ourselves with two subs! Then when Roger took a pass from Scott via BB and fired it past the goalie for our third goal, we all began to believe that we finally had the edge and we were going to be able to pull it out. But it was not to be. We had a lot of chances -- missed some open nets -- clanked a few posts -- bounced one off the crossbar ... we just couldn't put another one past the netminder. Homicide managed another goal late to finish the night's scoring. Ouch.

Well I almost did it. By my count that is somewhere around 537 words --
also managed to get it out the next day.

LOST 6-3


For playing at any and all costs -- bronchitis, compound fractures, you name it (and still getting a couple of points on the night).

For good 2-way play and giving us that first, big goal.

For great hustle -- he looked like a 30-year-old out there! glen was everywhere. tired, but everywhere.