(vol. 8W, no. 7; newsletter by b.n.)
New York City just declared a drought emergency. Due to the small amount of rainfall over the last couple years, the reservoirs from upstate NY that they rely on for water are dangerously low. In other news, the authority that regulates the reservoirs in our area just approved a plan to draw more river water into the reservoirs to sure up capacity. Also suffering from a drought is #67 of the Coastal Pirates. He hasn't scored a goal since Harris announced in the newsletter last season that he was within reach of the Coastal Pirate's all-time scoring record for the Wednesday night league (or something like that). So while the rest of us are concerned about drinking goose crap from the Manasquan river -- #67 is looking at just two more games in which to breakout of the slump and prevent a goal-less season. But enough about #67 -- nobody really wants to hear about his struggles with the stick. What they really want to hear about is the "Toilet Bowl Roll" or the "Egyptian Poke Check Boogie" (I'm not kidding, that's really what they
want to hear about).

But before we get to that, some thoughts on this week's attachment. What happens when Chris G stands in front of the net? Open the attachment and see. Oh yeah, I almost forgot, there also was a game last night! For our second 11:00 p.m. game in two days (and according to Harris, the third game in three days for a number of players ... Harris must not have been good at math in school) we found ourselves facing off against theO'Neills. After the drumming we suffered the night before (yeah, I know we played hard but anyway you cut it, it was still a drumming) it was imperative that we got off to a strong start to keep up our confidence. So with the addition of Jimmy F filling in for Scott Miller the team set out to prove to the world that the Pirates could bounce back against a quality opponent. Unfortunately, though we were playing hard, the O'Neills jumped out to the early lead on a shorthanded goal. By the end of the 1st, the Pirates found themselves in the hole by the score of 2-0.

For those of us that experienced the night before, (which was everyone but Dave Matthews who will be receiving his $10.00 fine in the mail for failing to follow the team's RSVP requirements) the game started to take on the look of deja-vu all over again. With the score 3-0, Harris made one of the saves of the game: With the O'Neills swarming in front of the net, Harris was able to kick a puck with the tip of his wheel that was fired point blank; the save was crucial to keeping us within three goals (the rebound went right back to the O'Neills' who then fired it at the opposite side of the net, but the puck ricocheted off the outside of the post and was cleared). The save by Harris ignited the team and it was shortly thereafter that Russ took a pass from Jimmy F and fired the puck to put us on the board. The momentum had clearly shifted. Shortly thereafter Russ took the puck up the boards and fired it to BB who gained the zone and passed it to Chris who managed to get behind the D and found himself alone on the goal. Chris fired the puck and the goalie dropped to make the save; Wildman swooped-in and buried the rebound for the score. The 2nd ended with the score 3-2.

The 3rd period began with the O'Neills capitalizing on a shot from the blueline that Harris lost in a screen and put the O'Neills up by two once again. The Pirates continued the strong play in the 3rd with more outstanding plays by Harris who stuffed one of the O'Neills on a breakaway to once again keep us in the game. Glen Chambers also had a strong night on the blueline. #67 had a chance to break out of his goal scoring drought when he was able to shed a defenseman who was hooking the goose crap out of him, but he backhanded the shot wide. The Pirates got the game back to within one when Jimmy F was stripped of the puck as he was heading over the Pirate blueline; the puck went directly to #67 who fired it right back to Jimmy who was still heading up the rink. Jimmy corralled the puck and took it over the blueline. At this point, the puck was doing the "Toilet Bowl Roll" (which, according to Jimmy is when the puck was spinning in a small circle as if it was being flushed down the toilet), Jimmy fired a fluttering shot that somehow managed to handcuff the O'Neill goalie and flushed its way down the 5-hole for the score. The Pirates continued to play hard and with 2:00 minutes left pulled the goalie for the extra attacker, but couldn't get the equalizer.

LOST 4-3


For “always playing position.” (Glen was nominated in the parking lot after that game by Dave “No Show” Matthews).

For his great rebound that brought us within a point. and he brought an umbrella for the post game “meeting.”

For his back-to-back timely newsletters and he even brought beer last night AND he is just 1 game away from the all-time Pirate game scoreless streak (oh, and he won a ton of faceoffs on consecutive nights).