(vol. 8W, no. 8; newsletter by b.n.)
What happened last night? I don't know. For our last 11:00 game of the season, we came up against the Crunch. Surprisingly, we had a complete compliment of 10 skaters, while on the other side, the Crunch were short players and called upon Sunday Night Pirate Scott LeMatty to man the blueline.

What can we say about the game? Well, we can say that it was the last 11:00 game of the regular season (though my guess is that we might be playing one or two during the "post season"). What else can we say? Well, I can't think of anything else. So what happened? Well the Pirates did not seem to be clicking, though many individuals were playing hard, as a unit, we could not get things together.

I don't remember what the score was at the end of the 1st period. I do know that the score was 4-0 at the end of the 2nd.

As the 3rd opened-up, Chris took a puck off the faceoff and fed it to Russ who skated up the boards, cut to the center of the rink and scored. Unfortunately, the Crunch would add a couple goals after that. Russ would score again later in the period and came within a crossbar of picking up the hattrick, but all-in-all the game was not something to write home about.

LOST 7-2


His goal :09 seconds into the 3rd was one of the fastest in Pirate history.