(vol. 9S, no. 4; newsletter by c.g.)
Team Micro rolled into town with a chip on their shoulders for last night's matchup. The Pirates have had a lot of recent success against Micro — knocking the usually higher-placed team from the Playoffs. This time, at least for the Micro, it seemed personal.

The play was fast, and a bit chippy. Both teams hustled and played hard, but it seemed the Micro was getting all the bounces and ended-up coming away with the victory. Basically the Micro scored two goals each period (it was 2-0 after the 1st, 4-0 after the 2nd, etc). While the Pirates had a bunch of chances, it took us until the 3rd period to stop the Micro's shutout bid when Scott LeMatty scooped-up a loose puck, and drove it home for our lone score of the evening.

The hustle was there, but we seemed to have a few too many lapses, that the Micro were able to take advantage of; as a result, we'll head into the bye week at .500 with a 2-2 record.

But alas, it is never completely a loss in Pirate Land, for oftentimes — even after a a tough loss — there are words of wisdom to be had at the post-game “meeting.” Last night was no exception, as John showed-off his new wheels and explained how he “accidentally” got it up to 110 miles per hour even though he was still breaking it in. And of course there is always the true gems you will remember for a lifetime — you know the ones: “Don't eat yellow snow,” ”Bad things come in threes.” Well, in case you missed the post-game on Sunday, there is now a new one to add to the Pirate lore. While discussing marriage, one Pirate (who shall remain nameless) summed-up his feelings in this way: “Once you get married, and have a couple of kids, there is no question you are going into the Earth sooner (than if you hadn't done these things).” Naturally this was said with all seriousness, adding just one more to a list of questions, that belies the mystique of the Pirates.

LOST 6-1


(none awarded)