(vol. 9W, no. 1; newsletter by b.n.)
It could have been worse. It couldn't have been much worse ... but it could have been worse. It should have been better ... but in this case, we can only take from it what it was. Perhaps it was familiarity that breeds contempt ... perhaps it was the fact that the Pirates were not used to playing a game earlier than the 10 or 11 o'clock that we had all last season. Whatever the reason, what it comes down to was that every Pirate that walked into the rink last night (and if you think I'm wrong let Harris know) thought that we would chalk-up a victory against the Geriatrics. For the third time in four games (if you count the blackout shortened-consolation game) we found ourselves playing our familiar rival. Let's face it, if we didn't play the Gerrys last season we most likely would have ended up with no victories. Oh well, enough of the crying.

We should have realized that things would be different this season when "Ant" Natale opened-up the scoring with a goal in the 1st period to give the Gerry's the lead. The Pirates were able to battle back when the Gerry's took a penalty and Chris fed Wildman on the ensuing powerplay for the score to tie the game 1-1. The Pirates were awarded another powerplay in the 1st and (in one of the prettier plays in Pirate history) every Pirate had a hand in the goal: the puck went from Glen to Russ who fed it to Wildman who was along the boards who fed the perfect pass to #67 who cranked the one-timer for the score! (Well, that's what most people thought — #67 knew instantly that the puck deflected off Chris' stick). So after the early scare, the Pirates seemed to have things in hand, leading 2-1 at the end of the 1st.

At some point in the 2nd, I remember Russ saying something to the effect that "we were letting the Gerry's hang around." The Pirates got caught twice with odd-man rushes and before the period was out the Gerrys had the 3-2 lead.

The opening play of the 3rd pretty much sums up the way things went for us the whole game: Russ skated to the faceoff circle and told #67 to win the faceoff to the far boards; Russ broke at the drop off the puck and, as instructed, #67 delivered the puck where Russ wanted it. Russ then took the puck skating full stride, skated away from the stick check of the winger, skated around the "D" and cranked a shot that Depip snagged out of the air with the glove. The Pirates got a lot of chances, but Depip had one of his better nights in net. The game got a bit chippy in the 3rd. It wasn't until late in the period when Glenn Farkas took the puck up along the boards and went in on Depip and fired the shot on net; the whistle blew and Farkas skated over to #67 and said "I should have shot a slapshot there." As Farkas skated to the left faceoff circle, he was confused why everyone else was heading to the center ice dot — it was about that point that he realized he had scored. But that was not the game. With just under :30 seconds to go a bouncing puck got past our "D" and one of the Gerrys came in on our substitute goalie for the breakaway. The way things were going for us it did not look good. When the clang of the post rang out with the sound of Scotty yelling "NO GOOD!" a collective sigh of relief was released from the bench.

... It could have been worse.

TIE 3-3


For his Wednesday team debut that yielded a big goal.

For his 2-point night.

For the score ("It's a powerplay goal!")