(vol. 9W, no. 2; newsletter by b.n.)
For the first time in recent memory, the Coastal Pirates played a game that counted against a team other than the Geriatrics. For those fortunate enough to have the past Monday night free, we came up against a team new to the poorly named "Wednesday Night League" -- the Lumberjacks. Now I must be honest, when I think of Lumberjacks these days, the first thing that always comes to mind is Harris' impersonation of (somebody) who did an impersonation of ---- ------ [editor's note: name has been removed for internet posting]. For those of you that do not know what I am talking about ask Harris to show you, but what it comes down to is that "Lumberjack" connation kind of gives you the impression that the players might be inexperienced hacks. However, when the "Jacks" took to the floor, it was quite obvious that there were anything but inexperienced; hacks maybe, but definitely not inexperienced. Due to a bizarre scheduling system, the Pirates were playing a Monday night game with less than 24 hours advanced notice.

As the game began the Wednesday Night Pirates were made up of a amalgam of Pirates "past," "present" and "never been.' From the "past": none other than Scott Miller returned temporarily from the I.R. From the "present": Scott LeMatty filled in. And from the "Never Been" category: Glenn Farkas's brother, Bobby, filled in. From the drop of the puck, the Pirates seemed to be up to the challenge. The Pirates were chasing down pucks and showing general hustle. Early line combinations featured the Farkas brothers with the fabulous Chris Goione while the "D" featured Chambers, Wildman, LeMatty and Wildman. BB was prompt as usual and skated with Scotty and #67. At about the 8:00 minute mark or so, things began to change; on a play that I am fairly certain was offsides, the 'Jacks skated across the blueline and were able to beat Harris with some crisp passing. Then the floodgates opened for a short period of time. The fourth goal of the 1st period went through a screen and found the back of the net with under :10 seconds remaining.

The 2nd period began much the same way as the first, Harris was making some great saves and you could almost feel the tempo shifting. When #67 picked-off a clearing pass in the Lumberjack zone and fired it into the lower corner of the net, it looked like the Pirates had turned the corner. Unfortunately, Russ was in Florida and was unable to warn us about letting up (as we are often the most vulnerable right after we score, and on this occasion his words were needed); the 'Jacks were able to skate in on the ensuing face-off and sneak a skater in all alone to Harris' right and beat us for the heartbreaker. It wasn't over at that point, the Pirates continued to skate hard, but the 2nd period ended with the score 6-1.

The 3rd period was once again scoreless for the Pirates, but the 'Jacks found the net twice more.

LOST 8-1


For our lone goal (and, as usual, a promptly written newsletter).

Although the score doesn't reflect it, he had one hell of a game on defense, including stopping multiple 2-on-1s.

As one teammate put it, “it is nice to see someone lining people up at the blueline.”