(vol. 9W, no. 3; newsletter by b.n.)
Sometime in the future, perhaps a couple of weeks from now, or perhaps a couple of years from now, someone will log on to That person might be a scholar, or perhaps a divorced mother of two just looking for love. But whoever that person is, and why they came to is not really important. What is important, is that person, who we will refer to as “Nadine” from this point forward, has the ability to look into our future and see what awaits us in this brave new world before us.

What future does Nadine see for us? Perhaps Nadine can flip a week ahead and see if we can pull off a win. Perhaps Nadine can peer far into the future and see what current Pirate will run for U.S. Senate (I know but I can't tell you — I've been sworn to secrecy). No matter. From her perch in history, Nadine has a unique perspective on our universe. Is this Wednesday team doomed to repeat its own record of 1 point for the entire season? Man, I hope not, but I can't say for certain, only Nadine, with a few clicks of the mouse can jump to the end of the season and see what outcome has befallen us.

If Nadine was in the stands watching, she would probably be chomping down on an overly salted pretzel and one of those orange AllSports. At the drop of the puck she would have seen the opening “NuFF” line of Newcomb-Farkas-Farkas jump out on to the floor, while I believe Scooby and Chambers started on “D.” Before Nadine would be able to polish off the last of the
salt encrusted, cardboard tasting pretzel, she would have seen constant Pirate killer “Fracano” who wears #33 on the Jags beat substitute goalie Doug Collimore with a ripper over the shoulder.

If she got up and went to the pro shop to look around, she might have missed a lot more scores by the Jags, but I'm certain she would have made it back to her seat to see Chris G miss a wide open net. The line of Jim Ferraro, Wildman and the aforementioned Chris had been working hard down low, and the puck squirted out of the corner and on to Chris's stick who had the ENTIRE NET to shoot at, but couldn't bury it ... That could be the theme of the night if Nadine was writing the newsletter — but she's not. Chris would redeem himself later in the game when he took a feed from Ferraro and scored.

Nadine, if she had been watching, would have been happy she stayed in her seat when about halfway through the 2nd, Harris's second cousin Mark Seigal [editor's note: no real relation] decided to swing his stick at the soft-tempered Glenn Farkas. It would be incorrect to state that all hell broke loose at this time, but it did make for some entertaining listening as the two were tossed from the game and Farkas yelled a constant barrage of insults at Mark as the two changed into their street clothes. As Jim Ferraro summed it up (referring to Seigal) “you don't swing your stick at someone and then skate away.”

If Nadine was at the game, instead of just reading about it on the internet, would she havegot up and left after the score was 10-1? I would hope not. If she did though, she would have missed the comeback. It wasn't much of a comeback, but the Pirates were able to score the last two goals of the game (Wildman's and then #67's from Ferraro) to change the outcome from a “Thrashing” to just a “Blow Out” Oh Nadine, if you could only tell us what the future holds .... But if you can't do that, just let us know what the winning numbers are this week in the $54-Million-Dollar Big Game lottery.

LOST 10-3


(none awarded)