(vol. 9W, no. 4; newsletter by b.n.)
These are the times that try men's souls.

For those of us that made the game on Wednesday, we discovered a new holiday that is not marked on any calendars. This holiday is non-denominational; it covers all races, creeds and religions. It doesn't care if you celebrate Christmas, Chanukah, Ramadan or Kwanza. What Holiday is it that I'm referring to? It falls on the Wednesday before Easter. We know it as “Bad Wednesday.” You see, on “Bad Wednesday” bad things happen.

Now I know what you are thinking: “every Wednesday bad things happen. What makes 'Bad Wednesday' so special?” Well, on “Bad Wednesday,” not only the normal bad stuff happens, but truly “Bad” things happen. Take Wednesday as an example; on a typical Wednesday, when Harris can't make the game, its usually bad for him, but usually we secure a quality backup and the team does not suffer. But as all of you know, this past Wednesday was “Bad Wednesday” so you can guess what happens.

The game started out with such promise, the first line of Chris-Wildman-Dave on offense had the puck in the Homicide end most of their first shift. Then “Bad Wednesday” struck. It was all innocent enough; the Homicide had a short bench, and after the first 2:00 minutes were up, the second “O” line of Farkas-Allen-#67 were clamoring for a line change. Unfortunatley, defensive-minded Dave was heading back to help on “D” while the Homicide had their first trip into our end. Dave kind of got hung up in no man's land as he tried to cover his responsibilities on defense while at the same time trying to get to the bench for a change. So needless to say, this being “Bad Wednesday” and all, the Homicide took this opportunity to score on their first shot on goal. Dave Matthews was pretty pissed after this incident and must have taken this opportunity to stick a pin in the back of the Voodoo doll he picked up in New Orleans. No sooner did #67 step on the floor when he felt something snap in his back — no doubt the influence of Dave's Voodoo doll. There must have been a fire sale of dolls wherever Dave picked his up, because someone must have been holding one for Dave Kurasz also. The usual “Dead-on Dave” had what amounted to a “Bad” period. According to Roger, Dave Kurasz faced seven shots in the period and six went in. The 1st ended with the “Bad” score of 6-0.

Someone remarked after the game, “If you took away the 1st period...”; Well, I won't be giving anything away by saying, “You could take away the 1st period and the Pirates would STILL lose 2-1.” Such is the nature of “Bad Wednesday.”

Whoever was holding the Dave Kurasz Voodoo doll must have fallen asleep at the end of the 1st, because the goalie awoke for the 2nd and had some great saves. The Homicide would add another goal in the period when “Toonze” stripped the puck from our “D” and went in on Kurasz all alone for the score. Wildman would add a goal for the Pirates, but the period would end with the all to familiar score of 7-1.

The 3rd period saw Homicide add another score and the “Bad” night ended with the final of 8-1.

One can only hope that the first Monday after Easter turns out to be “Super Monday.”

LOST 8-1


(none awarded)