(vol. 9W, no. 8; newsletter by b.n.)
Well. What is there to say? At least the beer in the parking lot was cold.

Heading in to the eighth and final game of the season, the Coastal Pirates would need just one point to make the playoffs (assuming that the Rhino's would lose to the #1-team later in the night). Just one point. Unfortunately we didn't get to play the Geriatrics twice this season so if we wanted to make the playoffs, we would have to pick up a point against the Blackhawks. The game began with “Bob” (the ref) putting on a Coastal Pirates jersey and helping to fill out a somewhat-depleted bench. Others in attendance for this early night affair were Farkas, #67, Wildman and Allen on offense and Chambers, Dave and Roger on the blueline. The 1st period was a tightly played affair with the Pirates able to hold the high-powered Blackhawks to just one goal. The Pirates had a couple chances, but the period ended with the score 1-0.

Perhaps we were surprised to be down by only one goal as the puck was dropped for the 2nd period; but before we could even get the puck across the redline, the Blackhawks were able to skate down and score in the opening :40 seconds. The Pirates were able to settle down and the period ended with the score of 2–0.

Perhaps the Blackhawks were surprised to be up by only two goals after two periods, because they were able to step it up in the 3rd. Another goal in the first minute of the 3rd took the wind out our sails, and the 'Hawks would notch two more before the final buzzer. The closest the Pirates would come to a score was when #67 had a wide-open net — and Glen Chambers also wide open in the slot — and visions of another scoring title spinning in his head. All he had to do was wrap the puck around the net (or pass the puck to Glen) and that would have iced it. Instead, he clanged one off the post so hard that the puck ricocheted all the way out to the blueline. Can you say choke?

Congratulations to Glenn Farkas for standing up to someone twice his size in a scrum at center ice (and getting the last “push” in); also, congratulations to our regular-season points leaders (three-way tie with 6-points each): Wildman, Chris and #67.

LOST 5-0


(none awarded)