(vol. 19S, no. 4; newsletter by c.g.)
The Pirates met up with the Jaguars in Sunday action missing Harris, Kevin, Keith and Ralz. We were able to gather no subs, so we took to the ice with just seven skaters and Doug Collimore subbing in-between the pipes. The Jaguars have fallen on hard times lately, as their once potent franchise was gutted to fill other rosters. The remaining players played hard but didn't have enough firepower to overcome the Pirates.

The 1st half was marked by a good offensive showing, as the Pirates tallied six goals and missed — or were stopped — on numerous other chances. Glenn Farkas tallied two goals and Wildman, #19, and Scott LeMatty each had two points in the period. Doug played strong in net for the Pirates, but the truth is the puck spent a lot more time in the Jaguars end then the Pirates.

As the 2nd period began, everyone was expecting more of the same, but the Pirates would only be able to muster one additional goal, as the Jaguars tightened-up a bit; the shortened bench also started to affect the Pirate skating as the period wore on. On our lone tally of the period, #19 skated around a Jaguar defender and found LeMatty in the slot for the easy goal. The Pirates defense was handled by Scooby and Russ (with Wildman filling-in occasionally). Even though these two played most of the game on the blueline, both Scooby and Russ contributed offensively: Russ scored a goal, and Scooby added an assist. Overall, it was a strong showing by the Pirates as they continued their undefeated season.

WON 7-2


For his 2-goal night.

For his pair of points and for helping out on both sides of the blueline.

For his 3-point effort.