(vol. 19S, no. 7; newsletter by c.g.)
The Coastal Pirates played a game against the “A”-division Blackhawks recently in a Sunday night showdown. For whatever reason, the Pirates always seem to match-up well against the Blackhawks and this night was no exception.

The Blackhawks had a few chances early that looked like they would surely go in, but somehow the puck stayed out — actually, Harris was the main reason they stayed out, as he made one incredible save after another. As it turns out the Pirates would score first when Glenn Farkas centered a pass to the slot that bounced off a Blackhawk defenseman and in.The Pirates continued to maintain good pressure, but the Blackhawks definitely outchanced us. Although the Pirates went to the break leading 1-0, midway through the 2nd half the Blackhawks were able to tie the game up. Even some late pressure by the Blackhawks didn't yield results and the game went to the overtime period knotted at 1-1, with both teams guaranteed a point in the standings.

It has to be said that collectively the Coastal Pirates played a great game, but Harris played like a man possesed, and made some stops he had no right making. I wish I could say that we went on to score and win the game — or at least say we battled to a tie — but in a letdown as big as they come, the Blackhawks scored a flukey goal and won in overtime. On the play Harris had lost his stick after stopping another Blackhawk breakaway and, as the puck was leaving the zone, Harris left the crease to retrieve his stick; the only problem was the puck never actually made it out of the zone, and a Blackhawk defenseman was able to lob an easy shot into a wide-open net. So with :20 seconds remaining in a game loaded with excitement, the Pirates handed the Blackhawks the win. It was a horrible way to end a game.

LOST 2-1 (o.t.)


For a fantastic effort against a quality oponent.

For our lone goal.

For providing one of the many great efforts on the blueline.