(vol. 19W, no. 6; newsletter by k.r.)
When Harris asked me to write this week's newsletter I thought about writing an obituary because we played like we were dead. But after thinking about it for a day, it has become more of an accident report because we will survive.

We were out skated by the Jamokes the entire game even though we had a full bench to their seven skaters. Which brings me to my next question: Four of the seven skaters for the Jamokes had Hocky Teem jerseys — are they on the roster? Still, we would have had better luck this night if the “Finding Nemo” ice show was in town, because with all the running around we did it was hard to tell who was playing where. In all fairness we did get some opportunities: Jimmy, Chris and Craig did open up some ice, but the Jamokes' keeper had a hell of a game, and made save after save; he would later admit that there were some shots of ours that “he did not even see.” Maybe we can learn a little something from that comment: We can not under estimate the importance of being in the right position (let's get back to what we were doing this past summer, shall we?).

Oh yeah, about the game. It was 3-0 them at the end of the 1st and 6-1 them at the end of the game. Scott Miller would tally the lone goal and that came in the closing minutes, spoiling that Jamokes shutout bid. But let's all give some thanks to Harris for the Championship wear, the Halloween candy, and for taking way more abuse than any goalie should ever take in a 44:00-minute game.

LOST 6-1


(none awarded)