(vol. 20S, no. 9; newsletter by k.r.)
Perhaps it was the threat of competition from players looking for a home now that the NHL is officially done. Or, more likely, it was that things finally came together this season for the Pirates when they beat the Bruins on penalty shots after regulation and overtime could not decide a victor. Certainly Harris was back to his old playoff self.

It was not until halfway through the 1st period that the Pirates had a full bench, as Kevin and Scooby (who gets off of work at 6pm) were late arrivals. The 1st period was about what you would expect: The Bruins would have more chances than the Pirates, but with Harris' heroics the only puck that found the net was a slow trickler that crossed the line just before the ref's whistle blew. The score remained 1-0 until :15-seconds remained in the period; then, on an offensive faceoff, the puck was won back to the point where Keith dumped it into the opposite corner, where Glenn (in fifth gear) was able to beat the defenseman and center the puck to Dan DiPierro, who one-timed it into the upper corner. So, at the buzzer the teams were gridlocked at 1-1.

As if it was scripted, the final period was more of the same. First, the Bruins went up 2-1 on another trickler and then the Pirates again beat Casey in the final 1:30 of the period. That final scoring drive began with about 2:00 minutes remaining when Mike kept the puck inside the zone and spotted Chris on the left side of the crease; Chris was able to pick the puck out of the air and — in dramatic fashion — the game was again tied.

As overtime came and went without a winner, the teams got set for the shootout. Kevin led off for the Pirates and beat a sprawling Casey on his right side. Bob and Mike would shoot second and third, but to no avail. But that did not matter because of another shootout shutout from Harris. Onto the Championship game in a quest for the Three-peat. Remember, second place is just the first loser.

WON 2-2 (s.o. 1-0)


For keeping the Bruins off the board in the shootout.

For the game-tying goal and keeping things together without Captain Russ in the lineup.

For his great shot with just a few ticks of the clock left in the 1st period.