(vol. 20W, no. 4; newsletter by b.n.)
I strolled into the Coastal Pirates Hockey Game the other night and I thought I was at some “Old Timer's Event.” After all, when was the last time you saw Roger Weiss? Sheesh. We got players on our roster now that were in diapers the last time Roger prowled the blueline for the Coastal Pirates. (Of course, those players are still in diapers, but that's another story). Along with Roger, there was other vintage Pirates such as Scooby and Farkas to reunite the roster that, along with the Miller Bros., Chris Goione, Wildman, Dave Mathews and Scott LeMatty, last won a Wednesday Championship way back in 2001. Or something resembling that roster anyway. Throw in Strictly Sunday Skater Dan DiPeirro (and Harris of course) and you've got the makings for a great charity golf outing.

Crap. I just finally realized why that game didn't go so well. Scott LeMatty wasn't playing for the Pirates, but instead he was on the roster of our opponents, the Crunch. Back in Roger's day, the Crunch consisted of a couple good skaters, but was never accused of being an “A” team. My how things have changed. It used to be fashionable to pick on Roger's defensive skills, but considering he hadn't played for the Pirates since the last Bush administration, it would be really unfair to do so. o instead we will say nothing. Well, maybe not nothing, but nothing about Roger. Instead we will say the tandem of #67 and Roger on “D” was like putting #7 Heating oil in one of those Coastal Pirate lighters (well, you could just about anything in one of those lighters and the outcome would be the same). Things seemed to get out of hand quickly as the Crunch were able to take a 6-1 lead into the break. The lone goal was scored by #67! Well, unfortunately for those that know and love the #67, it really wasn't #67 but instead Wildman (assist to Evan) who was wearing the #67 jersey last worn by #67 back in his day with the Geriatrics.

Throw in another goal in the final period by Wildman (again assisted by Evan) and one by Farkas on a blast from the point and you have the makings of a thrashing that ended with the final score of 10-3. One thing about getting blown out 9-3: When someone decides to wind up and take a slapshot at your goalie's head from three feet away, that is (to put it bluntly) bullshit. But, hey what are you going to do. According to Bobby Currao and Scott LeMatty, “he” only plays at one speed, no matter what the score. Oh, really? I guess that makes it okay then. Well, at least Gucci didn't get a goal. Finally, it really was nice to see Roger again, his appearance jogged some great memories as everyone swapped their favorite Roger Weiss story. Roger, reflecting on the number of Championships that the Wednesday Pirates have won in his absence remarked, “You guys have done pretty good since I left.” Hmmm. Maybe you have something there Roger.

LOST 10-3


For his 2 goals.