(vol. 21S, no. 5; newsletter by t.h.)
The Pirates faced-off against a new team in the league, the Pepsi Dewds (a play on the words “Mountain Dew” and “dude” — get it?). Unfortunately for them, all the caffeine in their system wasn't enough to matchup against a Pirate team coming off their first loss of the season last week against the Dire Wolves. During the initial face-off the Pirates were still a few short on the bench, as a couple team members were still lacing up; as such, the lines were a little discombobulated for the first couple of shifts. But once things settled down, Glenn started the scoring on a fabulous feed from Scott LeMatty at about the 12:00-minute mark. Later on, the line of Wildman-LeMatty-Farkas converted again when their crisp passing found Wildman alone in the slot; he controlled a rebound and then fired into the net for the 2-0 Pirate lead. Before the 1st period was over, Glenn would snag a second goal — again on some nice passing from Scott. Though the Pirates were sporting a 3-0 lead, it should be noted that the defense stymied the Dewds, who were only able to get one weak shot off on Harris in the entire 1st period — a partial breakaway that Harris easily directed it into the corner.

The final period was more of the same, as the Pirates dominated play and allowed only two shots on Harris. The only score of the period occurred when Ralz took the puck from the side boards and fired a shot that hit a defenseman in the groin (nice shooting!), leaving a rebound for Ralz to fire again; this time the goalie made a save, but Chris was there for the rebound that he quickly put into the net. The 4-0 Pirate would give Harris his 22nd career shutout and would put the Pirates on top of the Western division — just above the second-place Jaguars that they face this Sunday.

After the game, it was learned that Scott's girlfriend sustained serious injuries in an horse riding accident. At the writing of this newsletter, she was still in intensive care after a day of surgery. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Stacy for a speedy recovery.
date of game : 4.24.05

WON 4-0


For his pair of 1st period goals.

For an assist and his “hattrick” — not goals, but kids. Mike and Marnie had their third baby, Aiden, 24 hours before game time!

For a sweet one-timer in the 3rd period that ended his scoring drought.