(vol. 21W, no. 5; newsletter by b.n.)
I remember when the Jamokes sucked wind. They were the laughingstock of the league. But then who can forget the last game we played against them? The Pirates were boasting an undefeated record and up pops the Jamokes on our schedule — a team that had not won a game all season (sure they picked up Rob Armswood and Eddie Shea, but c'mon, we were undefeated!). Anyway, who can forget the night when Buster Douglas shocked the world? That particular game was like that as the Jamokes stepped-up and handed the Pirates their first loss in three months. We can laugh about it now, because we cruised into the playoffs and won the first of two consecutive Wednesday Championships.

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for the last game against the Jamokes. Even without Rob Armswood, the Jamokes were able to take it to the Pirates. Sure it was 2-2 after the 1st period on goals by Craig and Evan — but that was all the scoring the Pirates got. The Jamokes, however, were able to put two more past Harris in the final period and then add the emptynetter for good measure. So the last time the Pirates lost to the Jamokes they went on to win the Championship; this time, barring some unbelievable miracle, the Pirates won't even make the playoffs. Now who sucks wind?
date of game: 4.06.05

LOST 5-2


For another 2-goal night (unfortunately, the only scoring we had).