(vol. 22S, no. 8; newsletter by k.r.)
Domination, thy name is Coastal Pirates. Tonight the Pirates showed there preeminence over another — namely the Dire Wolves — with a 4-2 victory which was not as close as that score would indicate. Every one of the nine skaters played a great game, even though the Pirates were without three starters from the regular Sunday line-up (namely Russ, Ralz and #67). Up front was Chris G. centering for Glen and Dan DiPierro; the second line had Wildman between Scott LeMatty and Roger Weiss, who was making a special guest appearance. At the 10:00-minute mark of the 1st period the “D” rotation was complete when Bobby (who was finishing some business at The Hockey Closet) finally joined Keith and Kevin on the blueline.

Now I know that 1-0 lead at the break hardly sounds dominant, but the chances the Wolves had were few and far between. The Pirates played well positionally so it was nice to concentrate on defense first. The lone goal of the 1st period would be scored by Kevin when he took a cross blueline pass from Keith and blasted one past the keeper. During the 22:00 minutes, Harris was called upon from time-to-time for a stop and he answered the call every time, including a point-blank slapper on a giveaway in our zone that could've turned the tide.

The final period was a scorefest compared to the stingy defense during the 1st period. A total of five goals would be scored during the period with the Pirates edging the opposition 3-2. Scott LeMatty tallied an unassisted goal at the opening of the period and, not too long after, Kevin added his second on an end-to-end drive that look liked something out of the skating drills during the All-Star festivities. Kevin completed his hattrick (assist to Harris) later in the period to give the Pirates a comfortable 4-0 lead, but then the Pirates threw the defense out the window for a bit and Gucci (playing for the opposition) finally got the Wolves on the board at the 14:00-minute mark to cut the lead down 4-1. Before this one was over Brooks would score the second — and last — Wolves' goal on a 2-on-0 to make the game a little more respectable. The Sunday Pirates now stand at 7-0 on the season, but the meat of the schedule is around the corner with the last three contests against the Bulldogs, Red Stars and Blackhawks. We'll need to buckle down for this final leg, but if Sunday's game is any indication we may be in good shape.

date of game: 7.31.05

WON 4-2


For his 5th career Pirate hattrick.

For his first assist of the season (and some good saves too).

For paying-off his “fines” with some class suds.