(vol. 22W, no. 13; newsletter by b.n.)
You know, I was talking to Chris the other day and he mentioned that after reading last week's newsletter, it kind of sounded like I was retiring. I wondered what gave him that impression? Perhaps it was all the former Pirates that I mentioned in the newsletter, but then I realized I mentioned Mike Farrell as well — and he's not retired is he? Well, no he's not ... but then again he's not on the roster either. Perhaps it was the melancoly tone of the newsletter that made Chris think I was going to hang them up. But then, my newsletters are melancoly all the time. So if that is not it, perhaps it was the ending: “Goodbye.”

I really thought that it was going to be my last newsletter (for a while). Chris was right (sort of). But then Harris talked me into writing this newsletter. Who wants to read a newsletter about a consolation game? I certainly don't and I don't even want to write it (which should be self-evident considering that the newsletter is more than two weeks late). But alas, it is important to keep the archives up to date. Perhaps the most important event was the non-rostered player that was on the floor for the Pirates; though he didn't get a mention in the box score, Chris's friend Mike Obdugobo, made his presence known on the floor. If someone would have just passed him the damn puck, I am sure he would have been the difference-maker in the game. With his crisp wrist shot, he could have got things done. But even though he didn't score, he did come back and help out on defense which was nice to see.

I think the final game of the season was a scrimmage against the Lumberjacks. I don't remember many of the goals. I don't remember Gucci's goal from Russ and Craig. Nor do I remember Russ' powerplay goal. Nor do I remember any of the three goals scored by the other team. In the final period, I fail to remember the pair of goals scored by our opponent or Evan and Russ' goals (with assists to Wildman and Keith respectively). Unfortunately I do remember the final goal of the night: With #67 on “D,” Dana stepped around the outside of him and then skated in for the score. Sheeee-it! That was it. It was all over but the shouting. And now for the second time, Goodbye!

Well, sort of. Besides the issue of last week's newsletter not really being my final newsletter, it looks like that whole “taking a season off thing” has been shot to hell also. Yeah, I am definitely taking Wednesday nights off, but I have committed to returning to the Pirates on Sunday. I am not saying that I like playing with the guys on Sunday more than the guys on Wednesday, it's really just a schedule thing. So for the last time on Wednesday: Later!
date of game: 8.25.05

LOST 5-4


For his 3-point outing.

For the first goal of the evening — but mainly for being the hero and grabbing the puck bag after we left it on the bench after Sunday's game.

For bringing the fans (and getting hitched!).