(vol. 22W, no. 3; newsletter by b.n.)
This week I have elected to go with the CliffsNotes® version of the newsletter. I would have liked to be more informative, but unfortunately I was still in the locker room when Craig put the first puck in the net. I imagine it was probably one of those plays where he picked up the puck behind his own net, skated end-to-end and buried it for the score, but I can't be sure. I did happen to see Scott Miller take a shot from the right wing that deflected off his brother Evan for the goal — that made the score 2-0. The Pirates had some trouble clearing the puck later in the 1st period and our opponents for the night put the puck behind Harris to cut our lead in half.

Did I mention that Pirate-killer Mark Andras returned to the league? Apparently he was out of action for a while and just returned after receiving a desperately-needed personality transplant. We wish you well with your recovery, Mark, and it was nice to see that your skating skills were just a tad bit rusty. Before I close out this newsletter, I should mention (because if I don't Harris will insert it anyway and make it look like I wrote it) the roster for the night included Harris in-between the pipes, #67, Dave, Keith and Gucci on defense, while the Miller Bros., Craig, Wildman, Chris and Russ were on offense. With that out of the way, all you have to do is throw in a nice feed from Chris (who was camped-out behind the net) to Craig, and that covers the scoring for the night.
date of game: 6.08.05

WON 3-1


For scoring 2-out-of-3 of the Pirate goals, including a lightning-fast tally only :25 seconds into the game.

For back-to-back 1-goal games (three, if you count last Sunday).

For some solid “D,” but mostly for handing-out quality stogies at the post-game “meeting.”