(vol. 22W, no. 5; newsletter by b.n.)
I don't real believe in jinxes. Or hexes for that matter. I have never been one to give in to superstition — well on most occasions anyway. But it is clear that something bad has happened. Perhaps it was something as simple as a misplaced “good luck” wish, or perhaps Harris decided to put on his left skate first (instead of the traditional right skate). Whatever the cause, the Pirates, who erupted to a 3-0 start for the Summer 2005 season, suddenly found themselves crashing back to Earth unable to escape the gravity of mediocrity. Well, really it was not that bad. The Pirates came off a loss just a week earlier to the Lumberjacks (who in past have ruled the “A” division) and now find themselves fighting it out in the “Red” division. Considering the Pirates were able to keep the game close at 5-3 there really was nothing to be ashamed of. And with the Jamoke's on the schedule — who the Pirates were able to throttle 5-1 earlier in the season with the help of Coach Jules — things definitely are looking up.

The Miller Bros. got things going when Evan got the puck to Scott for the first goal of the night, less than 2:00 minutes into the game. The Jamokes were able to tie the game at 1-1 thanks to the left elbow of the newly-acquired Gucci. Shortly thereafter, Kevin pulled out an unassisted goal to put the Pirates back in front 2-1. The Jamokes would tie the game before the end of the 1st period though, and at the break things were even 2-2.

It's probably a good thing that Coach Jules was not in attendance. (editor's note: click here to see the video on Coach Jules in case you have no idea what #67 is talking about)
. If Coach Jules was present there would be no telling what kind of profanity-laced diatribe he might have exploded into after the Jamokes erupted for three consecutive goals in the final period. I can only imagine what Coach Jules would do — throwing benches, clotheslining one of the Jamokes as he skated past the bench, firing pucks at the ref's head ... Wait, I just realized something — I just noticed that I have never seen Russ Nicolosi and Jules Winnfield in the same room together! I wonder if that means anything? No doubt that after the fourth unanswered goal, Coach Jules would have been calling for the “Enlgewood Jack.” But without him the Pirates could only answer with a goal by Craig on a feed from the Gimp (Oops, I meant to say the Gooch).
date of game: 6.22.05

LOST 6-3


(none awarded)