(vol. 23S, no. 10; newsletter by b.n.)
Did someone say Playoffs?

The Coastal Pirates stepped onto the floor the other night (after first sitting around an hour because the brains that run GoodSports didn't realize — or perhaps didn't care — that they had overbooked the rink between a tournament and the Sunday night hockey league. How could they be that stupid? We play hockey every Sunday night! Oh well, that is the way it goes with hockey. Anyway, after sitting around for an hour (and watching the Giants lose in overtime after the stupid kicker missed three field goal attempts) some of us were getting pretty antsy. When the Pirates finally got on the floor we jumped-out to a three-goal lead in the 1st period on goals by Russ, Keith and Wildman (assist to Farkas). Our opponents, however, would pick up a lone goal in the waning moments of a powerplay toward the end of the period to cut our lead to 3-1 at the first break.

The opponents for the night would then capitalize on a defensive miscue to score another goal with 9:00 minutes remaining to make this Semifinals game a nail biter. This had all the earmarks of a game that the Pirates had played before, and the idea of giving up a game-tying goal with only seconds remaining seemed all too familiar ... and usually it was #67's fault. But surprisingly enough #67 was not on the floor during those critical moments. What happened to #67? Well, with 3:00 minutes to go he turned his foot to block a Gucci slapshot. According to Harris, #67 “dropped like a sack of potatoes.” So with #67 on the bench it turned out to be smooth sailing for the Pirates as Wildman closed-out the game with an emptynetter from just outside our blueline with :10 seconds remaining to give the Pirates their second Finals appearance of 2005.
date of game: 11.28.05


WON 4-2


For his 2-goal night, including the GWG and an emptynetter to clinch it.

For manning the blueline and getting our first tally of the evening

Although he was seen yawning before gametime, Roger did a workmanlike job of consistently swatting the puck out of our zone and foiling the Decepticons.