(vol. 23S, no. 2; newsletter by b.n.)
Bachelor Party! I just $^%@&#*-ing realized that I didn't get invited to Harris's freakin' Bachelor Party! What kind of bullcrap is that! That really freakin sucks! I'm never mentioning his name in the newsletter again! Well, that's probably a little extreme. I probably should restate that: I will never mention his name in this sentence ever again! There, I can live with that. But in all honesty, I never expected Harris to have a big bachelor party with wild girls and such — that is really not his style and does not fit his character (and if his fiancee ever found out she would never let him borrow her car the next time the Hummer is in the shop).

No, I fully expected Harris to have a laid-back bachelor party, and I really never gave it a second thought until I heard from Gucci about what a great time he had. What? Yup, according to Gucci, Harris had a nice lay ed-back celebration. Apparently, they rented-out some private room in Red Bank and spent an evening smoking fine cigars, drinking Heinekin's (which Gucci said he didn't drink) and hob-knobbing with the big time Gannett execs. Mike Farrell overheard me talking with Gucci and was quick to jump to Harris's defense: “Yeah, Harris was going to invite you, but he knew that there was going to be a lot of smoke. Knowing it was bad for your asthma, he thought it was best that he didn't invite you.” Well, gee thanks. It would have been nice to been asked though! (But then again Mike was right — if I was invited, I probably would have went and then I would probably be recovering in some hospital right now.)

All in all, I probably could have dealt with the snub. That is until I heard that BB was there ...
date of game: 10.02.05

WON 4-2


For the GWG.

For several great saves.

For his tally.