(vol. 23S, no. 3; newsletter by b.n.)
Going into the third game of the season, there was some concern that a certain player would be a little “rusty.” Marriage can do that do a person. A month off, traveling in foreign countries were you have to share your bathroom with an entire floor of strangers can really take it out of you. Rumor has it that Harris used up his life-time supply of Fabreze just trying to sanitize all the door handles he encountered.

But enough about Harris: Quite to our surprise, Harris wasn't the rustiest skater of the night, but instead it became obvious when Nick Garguilo walked into the locker room. Sporting a layoff longer then the NHL and most Teamsters, Nick stepped-in to fill the shoes of a number of players that were unavailable for the night. (It was probably in bad taste when someone in the locker room yelled out, “Gee-zus, Harris must have been scraping the bottom of the barrel if all he could get was you.” But hey, the last time we say Nick he was dressed like a butterfly ( or was it a PowerPuff Girl?) Besides Nick, Evan Miller and Kevin McLaughlin filled-out the roster along with the usual suspects: Dan DPierro, Scott LeMatty, Wildman, Keith, Glen and #67. The opponents for the night were, A Few Good Men.

Oddly enough, the Pirates freakin' exploded. First it was Farkas picking-up a goal from LeMatty; then it was Dan getting a goal from Farkas; Well it looked like this:
1st kev (keith)
1st kev (lematty) SHG
1st #67 (lematty) SHG
1st keith (none)
1st #67 (nick)
end of 1: 7-0 pirates including two shorthanded goals (kudos to Scott) and that was just the 1st period! Meanwhile Harris was called upon to make one save (which clanged off his facemask).

The final period was little more laid back, but still it looked like this:
3rd kev (none)
3rd farkas (lematty/ketih)
nal: 9-0 game called at 8:35 mark when their goalie pulled his groin. Harris was called upon to make another save in the final period (a nice play where he charged the puck and broke up a breakaway).

So there you have it. I hate to state the obvious but: A Few Good Men? Well, I guess they got the name right.

p.s. Harris wanted me to tell you that he did, in fact, not have a Bachelor Party as mentioned in a previous edition of this newsletter. Apparently, Harris has taken a lot of grief about it and wanted me to set the record straight. I hereby apologize for any problems I may have caused. I would never consciously write something that I knew to be false, So I state emphatically that Harris did not have a Bachelor Party. (However, next time you see Gucci, ask him about the “Spontaneous Get-Together” he had with Harris and I'm sure he'll fill you in on the details.)
date of game: 10.09.05

editor's note: The #23 Coastal Pirate Car will be in action this week at the hallowed grounds of Watkins Glen. Watch this space for an update on Mike's races.


WON 9-0


For the hattrick.

For a 3-point night (including the first and last goals of the night).

For his pair of goals (he claims he would've gotten the hat if they didn't call the game).