(vol. 23S, no. 6; newsletter by b.n.)
Man, it sure is nice playing a “B” team again. Did I mention Harris' bachelor party? Well, I will get to that later, but first I must return to the game at hand. For those of you with limited long-term memory, our game was against the Jaguars. I would like to say that Farkas scored an goal off a feed from Chris, but to be honest I can't remember the goal ... so I will move to the second goal, which for some odd reason I happen to remember. It went something like this: The Pirates were working the puck around the Jaguar end when the Jags made a futile attempt to clear it up the middle; #67 pinched down and pushed the puck up to Tim Hand, who skated to the left of the goalie and fired off a nice shot into the upper corner. The 1st period ended with the Pirates leading 2-0.

In the final period, Dan DiPierro picked-up an awesome goal on a feed from LeMatty. Unfortunately, the Jags would also break the shutout with their own goal. Then, of course, there is Mike Farrell. Gee, it was nice to see him back in the line-up. I remember back in the day when Mike was a constant feature in this newsletter, but then he started smelling all that high octane fuel ... or maybe it was all that alcohol that they burn in those race cars that has affected his brain patterns. Whatever the cause, there is no denying that he cares more about his racecar then he does about the Pirates. That being said, we don't hold it against him. I am sure I speak for everyone when I say that it brought a tear to my eye when Mike picked-up a powerplay goal off a feed from #67 to close out the evening's scoring.

And speaking of Mike, I now understand why he got invited to Harris' bachelor party when no one else did — he cares more about Harris then he does about his own brother. This is a true story! (Unlike all the other stories that I tell in these newsletters, this one is 100% accurate.) According to Harris, he happened to stop by Paddington Station (that would be Mike's Brother's bar) the previous Saturday and — much to his surprise — in walks Mike's entire family that is celebrating Mike's brother's wedding. Even the band stopped to announce the newlywed couple. The only Farrell missing was, of course, Mike. When Harris recounted the story at Sunday's post-game “meeting” Mike's response was: “Damn, I wish I would've known that you were going to be there, because I would have gone.” Nice job Mike, I'm sure your brother Matt would have been touched by your sentiment.
date of game: 10.30.05


WON 4-1


For his goal, but mostly for the 12-pack of Corona he brought to the post-game “meeting”!

For the GWG.

For showing-up (must have been “Sweeps Week” for him to make an appearance). Oh, and he got a goal too.