(vol. 23W, no. 10; newsletter by k.r.)
The loud thud heard Wednesday night was not from one of the numerous military aircraft which seem to fly over central New Jersey these days, but was the sound of the Pirates ship running aground in the opening round of the Playoffs.

We usually use this space to discuss the game, but one question keeps coming to mind: Why? With several of us taking this thing way too seriously (myself included), we should realize that this is just a game. After all we could be on one of those aforementioned airplanes ... but we get to play hockey instead. Work is tough. Life is tough. Playing hockey should not be tough. It should be fun. We lost. Big deal. To get away from the daily grind some people drink and some smoke — we choose to play a game (although some of us probably choose all of the above).

I have played a lot of hockey in my lifetime and believe me it is a pleasure to play for a team that is so organized. Thanks to Russ, Chris and, of course, Harris. So next time we hit an iceberg, remember that this is a game and should be fun and a great form of exercise. Congrats to Russ, Craig and Evan who managed to find the net (on feeds from Craig, Scott LeMatty and Scott Miller respectively). 'Til next time.
date of game: 11.17.05


LOST 6-3


(none awarded)