(vol. 24S, no. 1; newsletter by k.r.)
If you believe Numerology, and I know many of you do, this 8-0 triumph may signal good things for the new season. Remember the 1980 Olympic team? This game would not be without sacrifices though, as we will see later on. It had everything from injury to chippiness to a defenseman getting a hattrick and to one of our own (who was supposed to take a season off) showing-up on the Chiefs bench in the game before ours.

It all began on the night the Pirates received their jerseys back with the new championship patches — ironically, we couldn't even field a complete ten-man lineup to start the new season. The six forwards were: Chris G., Scott LeMatty, Glenn, Wildman, Ralz and Captain Russ; the three “D” were Keith, Nick G., and a returning Kevin (who had a 2-point evening in his first night back full-time). And, or course, Harris was in the cage. The Pirates came out of the gate just the way they would finish-up last season — methodically. In keeping with the Numerology theme, the Pirates scored four times in the 1st period and four in the last period to make things eerily symmetrical. Keith would get us on the board first with a slapper from the point on a feed from the opposite corner by Glenn Farkas; on the play, Ralz set up a great screen that enabled the puck to find the right side of the net. A few minutes later Keith would find the net again from the high slot, this time unassisted. As the 1st period wound down, Russ would get his first of the night (assist to LeMatty) followed by Keith completing the hattrick.

The last period was not so much about the goals — which were scored by Nick, Wildman, Kevin and Russ — but about the hit behind the Jags' net that left Chris down on the ice in pain. (In talking to the Ref from my unfamiliar seat in the penalty box it became apparent that he didn't see the play, but with big Stan leaning over Chris, it was pretty obvious what had happened — after all, Stan always tells the refs that he doesn’t know how to stop) A doctors appointment this morning should give Chris an idea of the damage, so lets hold our breath.

And let's not forget about the 3rd period scoreboard: The “0” — any chances that the Jags did have were snuffed out by Harris. In closing can anyone tell me which Pirate requested the Sunday season to rest and then signed-on with the Chiefs for the season? Did he think we wouldn't notice? Needless to say the S.O.C. is investigating the abuse of the “One Season Off Rule” and a ruling should be in by next week. Till next time ...
date of game: 12.11.05


WON 8-0


For becoming a card-carrying member of “The Hattrick Club.”

For his 3 helpers on the evening.

For his pair of goals (he might have gotten the hattrick if it wasn't for that %*#&@ new composite stick!