(vol. 24S, no. 2; newsletter by k.r.)
Wow, what a game. We had a good showing against the All-Star team — I mean the Decepticons — unfortunately we came up a bit short. The Pirates skated with eight players as Scott LeMatty dropped back on defense with Keith and Kevin. Up front was Glenn Farkas, Ralz, Russ, Wildman and Dan DiPierro. A special congrats goes out to Nick for incurring his first fine as a Pirate for being a “no show.” (He must have been playing some reindeer games.)

The Pirates came out of the of the gate flying and Santa would arrive early for Keith when he raced down the right wing and somehow found space between Casey and the pipe for a quick 1-0 Pirate lead. Not long after, Dan had a goal giftwrapped for him after Glenn hit him with a pass that was even more gorgeous than the one from last week. The Decepticons would be cut the Pirate lead in half when Brooks (aka Scrooge) netted his first of three on the night. But that was the game yet to come, as at the buzzer the Men In Black held a 2-1 lead.

In final period the Pirates would resemble the March of the Wooden Soldiers as one-by-one they headed to the penalty box. This would lead to at least one powerplay goal for the opposition that evened things up within the first few minutes. In an uncharacteristic move, Harris would be called for a roughing penalty for coming out of the crease after Murphy. I was there and the real story is that Harris was only asking Murph what he wanted for Chanukah — and when Murph turned around his face went smack into Harris’ stick; unfortunately that was not how the ref saw it so like the team player I am, I headed for the box to serve it (Thanks Harris!). The opposition would get another goal to take the 3-2 lead until with only 2:00 minutes remaining Scott LeMatty tied it up again with his usual working man's goal when he crashed the front of the net. Overtime looked like a given, but a bad outlet pass from the Pirates left a wide-open Brooks to shovel home the gamewinner and complete his hattrick. The Decepticons added an emptynetter to seal the night's fate — much as the Grinch did to the stunned Whos in Whoville.

We are off for two weeks so may you and your families have a safe and happy holiday season. And, just in case Santa surfs the web, I'd like to offer this “short list” of what the Pirates could use this year: A new stick for Keith, a new knee for Chris, some skates that don't fall apart for Wildman, a new non-breakable stick for Kevin, a jersey for Gucci that doesn’t resemble a sail from the Santa Maria, a winning season in the racecar for Mike, a big 18-point buck for Dan, a rope to tie to the goal post so he can't pinch for Dave, new tires for Ralz's car to replace the ones he wears out on his commute to the games, an sweet old senial lady who will give her Shore house away as a potential investment property for Scott L., A long lost brother for the Millers so they could form their own line, a laundry service that washes his jersey after each game for Glenn Farkas, a Kentucky Derby winner for Russ, a day care center at the rink for Roger, a refresher course on which side his bread is buttered for Brian, and a new fiery attitude for Harris. Forget the last one — I think he opened his early. Till next time ...
date of game: 12.18.05


LOST 5-3


For a pretty pass that led to our first goal.

For his (briefly) game-tying tally in the final minutes.

For keeping his goal-scoring streak alive.