(vol. 24S, no. 3; newsletter by k.r.)
After a holiday hiatus, the Sunday Pirates were finally back in action — and they picked-up right where they left off. Due to three regular-roster absentees (including a vacationing Russ and a Patriots-bound Kevin), the Pirates skated with only seven. Up front where Scott LeMatty, Chris G. (back for only his second game after injuring his knee seven weeks ago), Ralz, Glenn, and Dan DiPierro. Manning the blueline was the duo of Wildman and Keith. #67 was there as well but he was lined-up for the opposition. And, as usual, Harris was between the pipes. Oh yeah, Nick was there too, but not until the 1:00-minute mark in the final period.

This game would turn out to be a stunning example of defensive hockey and you all know what I say: (Let's say it together) “Offense sells tickets, defense wins games.” The only goal in the 1st period came on a blast from Ralz that trickled through the keeper, and though the Pirates held onto the 1-0 lead into break, it was not a foregone conclusion that it would hold.

Harris would be tested pretty well in the final period, but answered everything the Chiefs threw at him. The Pirates tightened-up nicely on defense and their fragile lead was holding. With :55 seconds remaining the Pirates were given a gift when the Chiefs called a timeout even though the clock was stopped; this enabled the Pirates to regroup for the last big push against the six men the Chiefs put out there with their goalie on the bench. The Pirates literally rose to the occasion when Glenn actually had the puck deflect off of his coconut and the aforementioned Chris was able to find the open net — bad leg and all — to put the game out of reach. This runs the Sunday record to 3-0 with a 1.00 goal-against-average thus far. Till next time ...
date of game: 1.08.06

editor's note: With the installation of the new $60,000 playing surface, GoodSports has instituted the following rule: “if there are any damages made to the floor the penalty will be a $25 fine, (and) you will be removed the game and a suspension will be given.” Also, the fighting policy has been revised: First offense = $50 fine; Second offense = $100 fine and 3-game suspension; Third Offense = banned from GoodSports.


WON 2-0


For keeping the pucks out of the Pirate net (with a little help from the goal post on at least one occasion).

For his GWG in the 1st period.

For being pretty much the only full-time defenseman (with a rotating stream of partners) — and doing a nice job at it.