(vol. 24S, no. 4; newsletter by k.r.)
The Coastal Pirates ship was run aground by the tsunami that was the Red Stars this weekend. When the storm finally dissipated 44:00 minutes later, the 6-2 defeat it left in its wake felt like a lot more. We had a full crew of ten men on the Pirate ship with the only substitute being Mike Griffiths in net for Harris.

The only highlights for the good guys were our two goals: Scott fed Keith on the right point to close the gap to 4-1 at one point; and Nick set-up Wildman in the slot later on. Besides these two magnificent feats, the only other interesting thing was the conversation coming from the locker room during the previous game; it seems that these newsletters where taken to task by someone that we all may know pretty well. I think that should do it for this story, lest I get ripped too badly. I know it was short, but look at it this way — you could be listening to the Mayor of New Orleans (and that might be even worse than hearing from me). Till next time ...
date of game: 1.15.06

LOST 6-2


(none awarded)