(vol. 24S, no. 7; newsletter by k.r.)
The Pirates squared-off with the Blackhawks and needed every eye patch they could find to hide the black eyes they received. True we hung in there at 1-1 for a while, but like walking the plank the bottom eventually just fell out — and then there was nothing but sharks surrounding us. The defensive rotation consisted of the trio of Keith, Kevin and Nick; Up front was Russ, Chris, Jimmy, Ralz, Dan DiPierro and Glenn Farkas. As is usual when we play this team, Harris was the evening's scarified lamb.

Oh there were a couple of highlights for the Pirates: Like our lone goal which was netted by Jimmy on a great feed from Russ out of the corner. The bigger story however, was the fact that Harris came out of his shell. The usually mild-mannered keeper would stir things up when he decided to clear his crease on several occasions. His target was usually Masi whose goal for the evening was to run up the score. Masi would later inform the Pirates bench that we better be ready because he was tired of Harris and he was ready to go after somebody (For some reason he also felt it to be important to tell us how much his stick cost him). A few minutes later though when Russ and he came together, he backed off — apparently he was only interested in going after Harris.

Maybe more surprisingly than that exchange was that I found something to fill a newsletter with after our 8-1 drubbing. But let's not forget: Playoffs start Sunday and we will back in our familiar territory. Till next time ...
date of game: 2.19.06


LOST 8-1


For the only Pirate tally of the night (he's a card-carrying member of the GAG line — that's “goal a game” in case you didn't know that).