(vol. 24W, no. 10; newsletter by b.n.)
I think that the next time the Coastal Pirates Executive Committee gets together, they should vote on whether or not newsletters are required after a Consolation game. As it stands now newsletters are required after Consolation games, but not after a Scrimmage. What the heck is the difference? And who are these people that are on this “Executive Committee”? I searched every available web page on and I have been unable to find any reference to its members. I have also searched for any official resolutions that state anything on the subject and — as you would expect — I have been unable to find anything (other then Roger's resolution to stop shooting the puck into his own net, but that is really another matter). I have also combed the site for any record of meetings, but I have been unable to find any record of any meetings and/or minutes from these gatherings.

So I got to thinking. What does this remind me of? Dick Cheney and his secret meetings with the oil companies that helped generate Americas' energy policy? Speaking of Dick Cheney and secret meetings: There is no truth to the rumor that he was hanging-out with the Pirates drinking Pabst Blue Ribbons
the night before he shot that dude in Texas (truth be told, he was drinking one of Mike Farrell's Silver Bullets™). But alas, perhaps we are barking up the wrong tree. Maybe it wasn't Dick Cheney all. Perhaps it was DPW (no, not Department of Public Works — Dubai Ports World). It is rumored that as part of their $6.8 billion dollar acquisition of Peninsular & Oriental Steam Navigation Co, they not only gained control of the Ports in and around New York, but they have taken control of the Coastal Pirates as well. Oh the horror!

p.s. Bob Currao loves Pirate Booty.
date of game: 2.15.06

editor's note: The above image is a recreation of the scene outside of GoodSports on Wednesday after the game. Apparently someone wrote “Bobby Loves Pirate Booty!” in the dirt on the side of his Tauras. No #67 was not available for comment.


WON 6-5


For jumping into the line-up and giving the Pirates an offensive jumpstart (2 goals and an assist).

For a 3-point night (a goal and a pair of assists). But will this be his last game in a Pirate uniform?

For a 2-point evening and bring some first-class suds to the post-game “meeting” (and he doesn't even owe any fines!).