(vol. 24W, no. 3; newsletter by b.n.)
You know, I was sitting in traffic the other night when it suddenly dawned on me that Gucci and Mike are the two most selfish guys on team. On a team loaded with offensive talent — such as the Miller Bros., Wildman, Scott LeMatty and #67 — Gucci and Mike chose to just play among themselves for the evening.

To get things going in the 1st period, it was Gucci. Does he pass the puck? No of course not, he just cranks up that shot of his from the point and caught a deflection off the defenseman for the first score of the night. After the one period that was the only Pirate tally as we trailed the Ducks 2-1.

Unfortunately for the Pirates, the final period was more of the same, except Mike got involved. The first score of that period was Gucci (again) — this time off a feed from Mike. And then later to return the favor, Gucci then fed Mike for his first goal of the night. I had originally thought that this was some kind of cabal amongst the defensemen, but then I realized that not only was Mike and Gucci freezing out the guys on offense, they were also freezing out the new guy Joe on defense as well. Too bad however, that their mojo only worked on the guys in black, because the Ducks continued to put the pucks past Harris. The Pirates (or should I say the Mike-Gucci show) closed out the scoring with an unassisted goal for Mike. The Ducks however would score an emptynetter for the final goal of the evening, fired from the opposite goal line. Oh well.

I must admit that the more I think about it, the more aggravated I get. Even though I do hate to admit it. Too bad Russ wasn't there, he would have set these guys straight. After all, if these guys on “D” would have played a little defense instead of trying to pad their offensive statistics, we might have been able to pull this game out.
date of game: 12.19.05

editor's note: There is an alternate theory that if it wasn't for Mike and Gucci, the final would have been 6-0 Ducks.


LOST 6-4


For his 2-goal, 3-point evening, but more for his beautiful Pirate Xmas greeting card.
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He shows, he scores! (Twice actually.)