(vol. 24W, no. 9; newsletter by b.n.)
That is why he is the Captain.

On a night when the Pirates needed a win to secure a berth in the Playoffs, who else would you think would step up? Unfortunately, no one realized that anything except a win was useless, but that is another story. No, the story of this game was #99. Russ Nicolosi. He tried to inspire the team the prior game, but an email is no substitute for being there. And while the “D” and the goaltender were up to the challenge the previous week, the offense was held scoreless. Some Captains lead their teams with words, but others lead by stepping-up and getting it done themselves. Russ is obviously a member of this latter group as he stepped-up and produced the only Pirate goals of the night. The first came on a 5-on-3 powerplay (assist going to Mike), while the second on a beautiful deflection off a shot from Keith in the waning minutes with the Pirates trailing 2-1.

The game ended-up being a little chippy as 28:00 minutes in penalties were assessed against both teams. Nick G became the second Coastal Pirate in two weeks to be tossed from a game when he responded to getting popped in the face during a skirmish in the opposition crease.

Because the Pirates had lost to the Ducks during their previous meeting this season, the Men In Black needed a win to make the post-season. Though the Pirates rallied to push another game into overtime, the resulting tie didn't do the Pirates any good, unless you are a golfer — because the Pirates now have time to hit the links.
date of game: 2.02.06


TIE 2-2


For both our goals and making the game after flying in just the hour before (assist to Kate for bringing his stuff to the rink!).

For his assist and for losing 20 lbs on his all Coors Light® Diet.

For winning his first Art Ross trophy as the Pirates leading scorer (with 6 points on the season).