(vol. 25S, no. 6; newsletter by h.s.)
The Pirates are in crisis.

It has nothing to do with the loss to the Sasketoons — a game that was actually tied 1-1 at one point. No, this is a situation concerning the state of the Pirate newsletters. As you know we've taken some hits recently with our band of writers: #67 (after going Benedict Arnold on us) decided not to play again this season; Keith (a.k.a. Casey Stengel) is now a full-time coach and has been A.W.O.L.; and Chris is on the D.L. after successfully getting surgery on the first of two knees. So where does that leave the Pirates? Who can we turn to in these difficult times to recount our game-action exploits? In a word, “Wildman.” Yes, be afraid. Be very afraid.

We called John in from the bullpen to relieve our writer staff and after a three days of correspondence I was finally able to get this reply: “I have the first of three words written.” And that, quite literally, was all he wrote.

So until we find a Pirate willing to rise to the occasion, we'll be keeping game recaps to a format more like this: The Sasketoons scored the only goal in the 1st period to take a 1-0 lead. On the opening faceoff of the final period Russ got the puck to (a subbing) Scott LeMatty who tied things up 1-1. From then it went downhill. Highlights included a brilliant skate deflection off Nick to score the Sasketoons' third goal. 'Nuff said.
date of game: 4.30.06

The official race car of the Coastal Pirates driven by blueliner Mike Farrell logged its personal best lap time and finishing spot at Summit Point Raceway this past week. Way to go on the 1:26.959, Mike!

LOST 5-1


(none awarded)