(vol. 25S, no. 9; newsletter by h.s.)
Same story, different season.

For the second Sunday season in-a-row the Chiefs eliminated the Pirates from the Playoffs in the Semis. It was, once-again, a two-goal deficit when the buzzer sounded. Last season a goal in the opening :17 seconds gave the Chiefs the early lead, this time it took them :90 seconds before poking in a vulnerable rebound that lay on the goal line. Last season the Chiefs went up 2-0 before the Pirates scored to cut their lead in half, this season it was Kevin who answered back with a slapper to make it a 2-1 game at the 21:30 mark of the final period.

Perhaps the only difference was this time #67 decided to attend our post-game gathering — even though he wore a Chiefs jersey this night. And maybe another difference was that he tried to take credit for all three of the Chiefs' goals even though his name never appeared on the official scoresheet. Now that I think of it, another difference was that he was spotted drinking a Heineken (some of the top shelf suds that Kevin brought out for the “meeting”). I guess some things do change.
date of game: 5.21.06


LOST 3-1


(none awarded)