(vol. 25W, no. 4; newsletter by k.r.)
The current Coastal Pirates Wednesday night season could be compared to “American Idol” contestant Ace Young: Sure we look pretty, but we were stinkin' up the place pretty good. But alas, this week we were able to put together a performance that even Simon Cowell would be proud of. For the first time this season the Pirates had ten skaters going. The defense was manned by four actual defensemen: Keith and Gucci, Kevin and Mike Farrell. Up front were the Miller Bros. centered by Wildman, and Craig-Nick centered by Chris.

If one was into numerology you would think this game was a little eerie. It was the fourth game of the season and we scored four goals. There was two halves and we let up two goals (this must be why Keith gave the puck away with 2:00 minutes to go). The final score was 4-2 and 4x2 is 8. Harris wears 88. 88 squared is a double number — 7744 — and we doubled them up on the scoreboard. Heck even both 22:00 minute halves were played to a “doubled-up” 2-1 score. I could go on, but back to the game ...

First half goals were scored by Craig and Scott Miller, while our other two tallies were scored by Nick and Kevin. Harris was back to his old stingy self. You know what I just realized? Nick had two points last night. He wears number 16. 8 plus 8 is 16. Enough of this newsletter. I need to get to the convenience store to put my lottery numbers in for tonight. Till next time ...
date of game: 3.22.06


WON 4-2


For the GWG.

For good hustle on both sides of the blueline and his goal that put us in the lead (a lead we never gave up) late in the 1st period.


For his tenacious play in the offensive zone and the 2 points he earned as a result.