(vol. 25W, no. 5; newsletter by k.r.)
Olè, olè the Pirates win today. Fueled by the presence of a full lineup and the goaltending of señor Siegel, a well-earned 3-2 victory was had. Skating up front on the first line was Jimmy Ferraro-Craig-Nick, while the second line had the hermaños Miller and Wildman. (John got bounced around so much in this one that Harris mistook him for a piñata.) The “D” consisted of Gucci-Chachi and Keith-Chris (yes, Chris was back on the blueline for an encore performance).

Defense was the order of the day as both teams played it tight. But the Pirates were the ones to get on the board first. Scott came out from the back of the cage and fed Evan GOOOOAAAAALLL!!!! But the excitement was shortlived as El Patòs tied it up with a hard, low shot to Harris’ Mazatlàn side.
(editor's note: i'm just winging it and putting accent marks in the places that look best.) It would have been easy to feel that the Pirates ship was about to take on water, but we were able to stabilize things and score remained knotted at 1-1 as we headed toward the siesta.

The last 22:00 minutes was taken by the Pirates. We killed off the only penalty of the game and outscored our opponent 2-1. Jimmy lit-up the keeper with a great shot on a feed from Craig at the 9:00-minute mark.
GOOOOAAAAALLL!!!! Then, just one minute later, Nick would score on a wraparound. GOOOOAAAAALLL!!!!! On that play, Nick had El Patòs keeper's legs spread so wide that it looked as if he was suffering from “Montezuma's Revenge.” Nick said later that he was actually trying to bounce el pucko off of the goalie's cabeza but got his foot instead. I like his thinking. Although that tally would give us the 3-1 lead, that shot turned out to be the game winner as the opposition struck one more time on a pretty backhand. 

As some of you may already know, Harris is on his way to Mexico to visit our affiliate south of the border, El Còstero Piràtas. Anyone interested in post-game “fiestas” for the next two contests remember it is B.Y.O.B. as the keeper-of-the-cooler will be gone. Happy trails Harris. Till next time ...
date of game: 3.27.06


WON 3-2


For the GWG. (Hey, didn't we just say the same thing last week?)

For playing some pretty respectable “D” (not bad for a center) and captaining the ship in Russ' absence.


For his 1st period tally.