(vol. 25W, no. 6; newsletter by k.r.)
The Pirates used a full roster to climb back to the .500 mark with a convincing 4-1 victory over The Hocky Teem. On defense was Keith, Gucci, Chachi and (a returning-to-the-line-up-after-slamming-his-finger-in-a-steel-door) Dave; Up front was Russ, Craig, Nick, Wildman, and the Bros. Miller. Once again subbing in net for Harris was Jon Hoenge.

The sails have been unfurled and we tacked to the right direction as the Pirates have now run off three in a row. The key to this one was the defense, with contributions made by everyone on the team. The Hockies are a fast-skating team, but were not able to use it to their advantage as every rush was met and resisted. Meanwhile, the offensive part of the game was handled by effectively by Scott Miller — as it seemed that everything he put on net found the twine. Russ would set him up for the first tally and Wildman found him alone in the slot for number two. Nick broke up Scott's natural hattrick after he took a pass from Craig who was behind the net and potted one of his own. Scott's third goal — and the final tally of the evening — was a tribute to defensive hockey; with the Hockies on the attack, Wildman and the Bros. Miller applied great forechecking and Scott was able to strip the puck along the boards and fire a slapper that went five-hole.

Just a reminder: The Wednesday Pirates play both on Monday and Wednesday next week. Couple that with our Sunday game and Harris will need another bottle of Febreeze for his equipment. Maybe we could petition the S.O.C. to have Nick to pay off his fine in Harris' favorite deodorizer. Till next time ...
date of game: 4.05.06


WON 4-1


For his fifth career Pirate hattrick.

For staying home all night and picking-up the crease well.


For making three appearances in the last four games for the Pirates and allowing only 1 goal on the night.