(vol. 26W, no. 1; newsletter by b.n.)
It was a dark cold night in Eastern Europe .A streak of light flashed through the sky, followed shortly thereafter by an eardrum smashing boom. Windows rattled, car alarms blared. Then there was silence. Eerier silence. In the old days, this might mean something. But now in the new days it means nothing. Nothing whatsoever. So don't read into it any more than that. But if it was the old days, which of course it is not, you might be wise to attempt to extract some type of meaning out of it. Why Eastern Europe you might have asked yourself? if you were in fact thinking about it in the past. Or what type of significance should I place on the fact that it is cold? Probably none whatsoever, but it might have been important to note that it was night instead of day. But then, whose night would it be? Is it night in Eastern Europe or is it night at the American Prime Meridian? Does it really matter? Well, honestly, now a days it doesn't really matter, but perhaps it used to. Back in the day ...

I remember back in the day. Back when a streak of light through a sky in Eastern Europe could have been a precursor to Armageddon. But now it is more likely on old Russian satellite crashing back to Earth like a discarded Pepsi can. Yes, I remember back in the day. I remember when Billy Martin was the manager of the Yankees, then George Steinbrenner fired him. Then he hired him again. Then he fired him again. Then he fired him again (whoops, I forget to put in the part about him hiring him again, but you get the point). The Cold War was on fire. Even the Federation and the Klingons were at war.

Is there a point to this? You might be asking yourself. Well, not really, maybe in the past this might have meant something, but now it is just a footnote in the history books. After all, George Steinbrenner hasn't fired a manager in over 10 years; the Americans and Russians are working together on the International Space Station and last I checked, the Klingons and the Federation are at Peace (though I missed every episode of the new “Enterprise” series, so who knows). I remember seasons past: I remember back when #67 played for the Pirates on Wednesday nights. It seems like just yesterday. Well, actually it was a couple days before yesterday. But that is not my point. Back during last season, #67 was serving a self-imposed exile so he could coach his sons in that most boring of sports: Baseball.

To be continued ...
date of game: 5.22.06

editor's note: Sigh. For those of you who like a more literal game recap, here goes: Russ scored first (assist to Nick and #67), followed by Nick (assist to Russ). This ended the 1st period scoring and it was 2-2 at this point. The Pirates then scored five unanswered goals to make it 7-2: First, it was Evan (from brother Scott); Russ (from Nick); Russ (from Gucci); Russ (from Nick and #67); and lastly, Russ (from Nick). The Jags were able to net a PPG and got a deflection off a Pirate stick for another tally in the waning minutes, but the game was mostly finished by then.


WON 7-4


For his 5-goal, 6-point effort.

For his 5-point outing.


For his defensive presence and for livening-up the post-game “meeting.”