(vol. 26W, no. 2; newsletter by h.s.)
This is being written nearly three weeks after the game as played so most of the details are kind of hazy. It was without a doubt another episode of “The Miller Bros. Show” as the duo combined for all the Pirate tallies on the night.

The Pirates led 2-1 after the 1st period on the hot stick of Evan who netted both (assists to Joe Baio and Harris on the second one). Although Scott's tally in the final period (assist to Evan) would keep the Pirate lead intact, the Phantoms would rally back and tie it up late in the period. Although the momentum had shifted to Phantoms (who had outscored us down the homestretch), the Men In Black were holding on and looked liked they'd be able to get a point out of the night with a tie and remained undefeated on the young season.

Normally we don't use these newsletters as a forum to “out” players who make bonehead plays, but since a certain player that will remain unnamed never did file any of the promised newsletters, we'll make an exception. Basically the Pirates had a faceoff at center ice with about :10 seconds remaining in a tie game. So this unnamed player takes the draw and breaks his stick and somehow decides that he should leave the play and skate to the bench with eight clicks on the clock left rather than make an attempt to break up the play or chase the puck. What happened next? Well, if you've been involved with the Pirate organization for any length of time then you know already. The Phantoms capitalized on the nice open gap in the middle of the ice due to the aforementioned unnamed player and scored to win the game. Auuggh.

To be fair we should give the “other side of the story” that the unnamed player (that has been known to wear zebra-striped pants to the post-game meeting but wasn't tonight) told everyone in the parking lot. He said that he had no idea how his stick could have broken and “that a shot from the grassy knoll” must have been involved.
date of game: 5.31.06


LOST 4-3


For his 3-point night (2 goals and an assist).

For aiding and abetting his brother with 2 points of his own.


For a ton of blocked shots. (I'm sure he has the marks to prove it too.)