(vol. 27S, no. 2; newsletter by j.c.)
The Sunday Pirates stepped-up to a faster, more competitive division (we must be in the “A” now). New faces Tony and Murphy add speed and playmaking for Brooks and old school Pirates (who I would like to describe as slightly slower, but tough with hockey savvy). Mike Griffiths tended the net in a fast-paced shoot'em out. Some nice passing and forecheck, with great goal-scoring moves.

Murphy got ejected — I am not sure if it was for slamming the stick against the boards after a missed shot that didn't go, but then again it was probably the refs missing a cheap shot. I got a high-stick penalty for being grabbed and tripped/tackled from behind which injured my knee. Someone took a cheap shot at Brooks, who defended himself and then got a roughing penalty.

Game started about 8:00-minutes early (If I am fined for being late I am suing the league and the S.O.C. for my knee injury). That said, I'd like to thank the league for getting us out early on a late night, although I would have liked to tighten my skates a little more ...

With some more playing time together this unit looks like a fun one to watch. Go Pirates

Here's the official stats from the game:
1st brooks (lematty)
1st murphy (toscano)
1st brooks (unassisted)
end of 1: The halftime score was unknown.

The final period:
3rd toscano (gucci) SHG
3rd gucci (none)
3rd gucci (toscano)

3rd toscano (wildman)
nal: 7-5. Other highlights included Murphy's ejection — the fastest in Pirate history for a rookie.

date of game: 10.01.06


WON 7-5


For his 2 goals, but mostly for “sticking up for himself and the Pirates.” (And hopefully this will make'em feel better about last week's “disputed” goal.)

For his pair of goals and for typing all his emails with the shift-lock on.


For his 2-goal, 4-point night. Not too shabby.