(vol. 27S, no. 5; newsletter by brooks)
I have noticed that over the past few weeks the newsletter is sounding more like the National Enquirer instead of covering the events taking place in Coastal Pirate Land. So for this newsletter we'll depart from #67 and his fantasies and instead give inquiring minds the facts ...

The Pirates took to the rink with a solid line-up of Toscano, Brooks, Ralz and Murph, DiPierro and Farkas up front with Russ, Scooby, Kevin, and possible Norris candidate Scott LeMatty on defense. #67 as we all know him, talked-up a good game this week and when it came time to drop the biscuit he was ready to go. On the opening face-off the Pirates quickly tallied to make it 1-0 (goal to Brooks, assist to Tony). Scooby, who always brings solid “D” also brought his wrist shot to the game and made it 2-0 on a beautiful goal from the left circle (assist to Kevin). Late in the 1st period the Pirates would make it 3-0 on a breakaway (goal by Brooks).

In the final period, the Chiefs scored on powerplay to make it 3-1 (while Brooks was serving his daily dumb penalty); the Chiefs' player who scored this was not known, but it was a lucky shot that's for sure. The scoring ended when Kevin fired a laser from the point to make it 4-1.

The story within the story was #67 getting knocked into the next decade with an open-ice hit by — well nevermind that. He was dazed and confused for quite sometime but after thinking about it he was already like that before the hit. Sorry #67 we love you ... but tonight you were the enemy. On a lighter note Murph decided at the post game meeting that blowing in hockey should be a penalty. It kind of makes you wonder who is really on your team doesn't it! Thanks mostly to Harris. Good to have you back in net.
date of game: 10.24.06

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WON 4-1


For being everywhere and anywhere in our defensive zone. He was a blocking-shot machine.

For his win in his return to the crease. (Or as Doug Collimore described it: “You looked like you were making snow angels over there, you were flopping around on the ground so much.”)


For his 2 tallies, but mostly for his debut as a newsletter author!