(vol. 27S, no. 9; newsletter by brooks)
Finally! That's the word that best describes my feeling after Sunday's game. Not for any other reason than we had to play the whole way through to win. We needed all 44:00-minutes to take this one and, by the way, that would be the magic number tonight. Murf (who is #44) played his best all-around game of the season and, along with Russ, provided the much-needed scoring punch on this night.

It all started in the 1st period where not a whole hell of a lot took place except Mike Farrell. Well, let's just say he was a little heated after he took a phantom tripping call and then gave the ref some love (“What are you an idiot?”); When the words were done, he got 4:00 minutes in the box. We did a pretty good job of killing it, but they were able to net a goal to make it 1-0 — the only score of the period.

At the start of the final period it was another call that helped the St. Pats to a two-goal lead; Tony, who was backchecking at the time, knocked a St. Pats' player offsides, but the one person who didn't see it was the ref and the play led to another St. Pats score. Well that was the “straw that broke the camels back,” so to speak. On the next play, we got our own powerplay and took advantage; Farkas took a feed from Tony (the official scoresheet only credited Scooby, but the S.O.C. amended the site and Tony was given a point as well). I mention Tony's role because if I don't he'll soon be calling me to tell me how playmakers get screwed. After that goal, it was all about Russ and Murf after that. Russ tied it us on a net-mouth scramble (assist to #44), and finally with just over 1:00-minute remaining Russ won for us (another assist to #44). That was all she wrote. Now it's off to the Playoffs where we will be ready, willing and able.
date of game: 11.19.06

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WON 3-2


For his 2 goals, including the GWG with 1:12 remaining.


For his powerplay, topshelf goal to get us on the scoreboard.

For his pair of assists.

... with “One-Six”!

editor's note: “The Floor Report” was originally written by Bob Brooks but folded after only two installments due to intense political pressure. Now an unnamed Pirate, who goes semi-anonymously by “One-Six,” is writing a rogue “Floor Report.” This report has been slightly censored, er edited ...

Since Brooks is unable to comment on the floor there will be a new player doing it — I'll call myself the “One-Six.” The floor was a ---- as usual even the tape that was applied was ----. The floor is not --% complete, instead it is more like -%. It is ---- ---------. On the bright side, after you ---- ---------- you can ------ to ---- ----- on the brand new ----- ------ while you --- on --- ----- in ---- waiting for the ---------!

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