(vol. 27W, no. 2; newsletter by h.s.)
The Pirates broke a record on Wednesday night: “Most rostered players absent.” The parade began when Russ (traveling for business) and #67 (back-to-school night) called out; on game day, Gucci (all-you-can-eat venison night at the Denny's) and Wildman (doing his hair) also announced they'd miss; and finally, at face-off, Scooby and Brooks were no-shows. (Read the editor's note below for more on Bob.) Fortunately the Pirate reserves were up to the task as Kevin, LeMatty, Mike Farrell, and Joe Baio all suited-up.

Even with the bulked-up blueine, the Jags were able to draw first blood; the goal came surprisingly quick at the 21:20-mark on rebound. That was to be the last time the Jags found the twine for nearly 35:00 minutes, however. The remainder of the 1st period was a diverse affair for the Men In Black, as four different Pirates scored in-a-row: Nick (assist to Jimmy), Kevin (unassisted), Evan (assist to Jimmy), and Mike (assist to Kevin). At the break the Pirates held a comfortable 4-1 lead.

Mike continued where he left off at the buzzer when he opened-up the final period scoring (unassisted). The Jags found their scoring touch again when they finished a nice 2-on-1 break, but any momentum was soon snuffed-out by LeMatty's (assist to Jimmy) and Kevin's (assist to Scott Miller) back-to-back goals. With just :20 seconds remaining the Jaguars had a final breakaway, but a cartwheeling-Harris made the stop (thank you!).
date of game: 9.27.06

editor's note: Brooks finally arrived midway through the 1st period. At the post-game “meeting” he explained that he was late because he was involved in a multi-vehicle car accident on the Parkway (when questioned further, he admitted he kind of caused it). He asked that the S.O.C. waive his 3-beer “tardy fine” due to these circumstances. Evan (who paid-off his own outstanding “fine” with Moslons® at the “meeting”) came up with the solution: If Bob can produce the accident report the S.O.C. will not penalize him.


WON 7-2


For his first goal back from surgery.

For his 2-goal night (and finally subbing for us again).


For his 2-goal night (and finally hosting the Pirate Party, to be held Oct. 14).