(vol. 27W, no. 8; newsletter by brooks)
Every time we take to the rink for a game, you can only hope that it is fun. We all know sometimes it feels like work, but the truth is it is a way for us to get exercise and have a good time. We all (at one time or another) have made the case to make the most competitive divisions they can so we can all play exciting games. The Pirates came into the game sporting a 5-2 record and were facing the Wave in our only match-up against them this season.

We came to the rink to play an 11pm game — one of those games you dread when you look at the schedule at the start of the season. We had Scooby playing net for the injured Harris; this was Scooby's second time in net this season, and he again played well. We had Brooks, Russ, Tony, LeMatty, and Nick up front with Kevin, Farrell, and #67 on defense. Eight guys for an 11pm game — not to bad. I mentioned #67 last, but he was anything but last on this night — in fact, he was the best player on the rink this night. (He held me at knife-point for that kind of write-up by the way). Enough about him though ...

The only thing that needs to be said is that we skated around them and scored almost at will. Brooks took his weekly penalty and, in the final period after #67 scored our ninth goal, they didn't even want to keep playing; Kevin decided to “defect” to the other side and that energized them some. By no means am I knocking the other team though — they played hard until the game was officially over. A win is a win though and they count the same in the standings. And so the Pirates move to 6-2 with just one game remaining in the regular season. Congrats to #67 on his sixth career hattrick (again the knife-at-the-throat thing).

For the record, here's the game at-a-glance:
1st russ (nick)
1st farrell (brooks)
1st brooks (kevin)
1st #67 (tony)
1st #67 (tony)
1st russ (lematty)
3rd brooks (tony)
3rd brooks (none)
3rd #67 (lematty)
nal: 9-1. Game called due to eight-goal rule.

date of game: 11.08.06


WON 9-1


For the hat.


For his second win (in two appearances) for the Pirates.

For “unselfish play” (and actually showing-up for one of these Wednesday games).