(vol. 28S, no. 7; newsletter by brooks)
There are games where you get outplayed and then there are games when you beat yourself. There are also games when you do both — and that's what happened against the Chiefs. We didn't seem to have the passion to win the game. I know I sound like Sam and J.D. for all you Ranger fans, but it truly is the story of this game. The talent on our team is unreal, and the character in the locker room is better than anywhere. In that locker room for this game that pitted the No.1 team in the division (us) vs. the No.3 team (them) was: Russ, Brooks, Tony, Murf, Glenn Farkas, Kevin, Scott LeMatty and Mike (subbing for both Dan DiPierro and Gucci). Not too shabby a crew ...

Still, even with that line-up, we methodically kept falling behind. By the end of the 1st period, we trailed 4-0. The only Pirate highlight occurred in the waning minutes of the game when Russ put in a LeMatty rebound to erase the shutout.

Two games remain before the Playoffs, and we're going to face teams we've played — and beaten — already this season. But we need to use this game as a wake up call before we fade away to nothing and end up watching the Championships from the stands. We are a better team on paper than the Chiefs, but they had heart & hustle ... and that beats talent any day. When you're done reading my little pep talk, take a minute and check out the history of this storied franchise and its fourteen Titles. You'll see Championships and true Champions. Let's go on a run here and make things happen. On the rink we are a team and we play as a team from this moment on. A loss like this will not happen again!
date of game: 2.11.07

LOST 5-1


(none awarded)