(vol. 28W, no. 1; newsletter by b.n.)
These are the times that try menís souls. Or something to that effect. All I gotta say is, “You gotta be freaking kidding me” (or if you're Harris, “freakiní”). But if you are not Harris, you must be asking yourself, “Am I actually reading this newsletter?” Perhaps it is all an illusion. You could just be thinking that you are reading the newsletter, but in actuality you are not. You might be in a dark room, with some kookamundo virtual reality helmet strapped to your head ... You would never know. Perhaps Harris snuck into your bedroom last night and strapped the thing over your eyes while you were sleeping. (You can pretty much rest assured that it wasnít #67 that snuck in because if he did, you would have woke up with your hand in a warm glass of water.) But anyway, you gotta ask yourself, ďAm I really reading this newsletter?Ē

I donít know. To me it seems kind of odd. I could have sworn that I already wrote this newsletter. But then again, I have written a lot of newsletters lately. It seems Iíve written an awful lot of newsletters lately. But for some reason, everytime I check the Coastal Pirates website they are never posted. Hmmm ... maybe itís not you that is living in the virtual reality fantasy — maybe itís me. Maybe I didnít really write all those newsletters ... maybe it was all in my mind. Yeah, and maybe global warming is a myth.

If I really wanted to, I could prove that I actually wrote the newsletters. I could print them right here:

But then it would just be another newsletter that doesnít get posted.
date of game: 12.13.06

WON 8-0


For his 3-point night in his comeback game.

For his 3 helpers.


For his pair of goals (nearly a hattrick — he scored his third after the game was officially over).