(vol. 28W, no. 12; newsletter by h.s.)
Q: How is waiting for Brian's newsletters like recovering from appendix surgery?
A: You never know how long it's going to take.

It's been more than a week since our Consolation game versus the Phantoms and in that time a lot has happened — except, that is, for us getting a timely newsletter from #67. In any event the Pirates flexed their offensive muscle one last time in the Winter '07 season, highlighted by a five-goal barrage to close-out the final period. This was certainly a night of notable events: Chris, after a year away, took to the ice as sub (he'll return full-time for the new Wednesday season); Russ netted a hattrick; and #67, once he was exiled from the defensive corps, got points on the last four goals.

Russ got the scoring underway in the 1st period (assist to Chris), but the Phantoms answered with two back-to-back goals to take the lead away. Mike (assist to Russ) would even things up, and we went to the break tied at 2-2.

The Phantoms would strike twice more before the Pirates turned-up the heat. Their second goal, which gave them a 4-2 lead, was actually scored by #67 with an elegant Pelé-like kicking motion into our own net. That's pretty much the time that Brooks came back to play defense and sent Brian up to the front lines. That's also when the Pirates took control. First, Tony (unassisted) brought the Pirates within a goal, before #67 scored the “natural assist-trick” by giving helpers twice to Russ and once to Evan. (Evan, incidentally, claimed the Art Ross and Richard trophies for regular-season scoring for the season.) Brian (assist to Tony) would score the last goal of the night in the waning moments to put an exclamation point on this otherwise inconsequential outing.

Ironically, just about 10 hours after the win I was lying in the Emergency Room. #67 , who called my cell to get the stats from the game, alerted the team of my condition. But like the boy who cried “wolf” — or more like the boy who cried “aliens” — no one believed him. And he hasn't written a word since.
date of game: 3.05.07

WON 7-4


For his 17th career hattrick. (Assist to Ryan and Victoria for picking-up this cool, Coastal Pirates-inspired Disney pin show below.)

For his 4-point game (5 if you count the one that he scored for the Phantoms).

For the win before heading into surgery.