(vol. 28W, no. 5; newsletter by brooks)
Ah yes, another Monday night game — and at 11pm no less. If i didn't know better I would say that our newly-crowned hockey director Doug has it out for us. Not only was it a late game, but we had to play Hocky Teem — which means that the usually calm-and-collected Gucci wants to kill someone. (They also seem to think I'm the dirtiest player in league history so go figure ... I don't know where they ever got that idea, but i think Mike Farrell took some of the heat off me — at least until the end of the game that is!). The game started with the Brooks, Wildman, Matthews, E. Miller, and (the subbing) Toscano up front; Farrell, Gucci and the non-newsletter-writing #67 guarded the blueline. We were without Scott Miller and Scooby.

This game would be “The Tony Show.” He had two goals and two assists to spearhead the Pirate attack (not bad for someone who was called that day to step-in and sub).The 1st period was all Pirates with E. Miller (assist to Tony) and Brooks (again from Tony) both scoring to make it 2-0 after 22:00 minutes.

The final period started-out with us giving up the only goal we would all night — when I was caught sightseeing instead of backchecking. That would would cut our lead in half, but that wouldn't last long: We soon got a pair of goals from Tony (assists to Matthews and E. Miller) and that would seal it. I made reference to Mike earlier and here s why: When the Hocky Teem goalie made a save and looked at the puck lying next to him, Mike attempted to poke it (he obviously didn't get the memo that rebounds were not allowed in this league) — they were quite mad at Mike and I think it hurt his feelings a little. Well, I was a bit upset that I wasn't the center of attention anymore so I shot the puck at the goalie's head with :05 seconds remaining. They said it was intentional, but in reality I have no freakin' idea where it the puck is going when I shoot. You can probably ask Harris who has suffered the brunt of my uncontrollable shot throughout the years. Sorry #88. Oh, and speaking of Harris: Mike Griffiths subbed for the still-ailing #88 and did a fine job indeed (another person who stepped-in late to sub for the Pirates' cause).
date of game: 1.15.07

WON 4-1


For his 4-point (subbing) effort.

For “his overall hustle.”


For showing-up at the eleventh hour to sub for Scooby who was subbing for Harris ... and allowing just 1 goal.