(vol. 28W, no. 7; newsletter by brooks)
Gucci, where are you? That seemed to be the theme of the night for the Pirates. See it goes like this: Gucci shows up to the game wearing a camouflage t-shirt — he said it was so nobody could see him on the rink. I think it was because he forgot his Pirates jersey, but that mean a “fine” or something, right? Well, the story here is that he should wear that shirt for every game because the Pirates —no, the Powerhouse Pirates — handily disposed of the Geriatrics 10-2.

The goals came early and often as we were already leading 7-2 at the break. The Pirates would net the games first two goals (Brooks from Gucci, and Tony from Wildman/Gucci), before the Gerrys cut the lead in half to make it 2-1. After again trading goals to make it 3-2 (Craig from Evan), the floodgates opened and we scored four, unanswered goals before the halftime buzzer mercifully sounded. In order of the red light flashing, the goals were: Russ (from Evan), Scooby (unassisted), Brooks (from Gucci), and Tony (from Brooks).

When the second half began, it was just a matter of time until the Pirates took care of business and finished the game. The three additional, back-to-back-to-back goals came from Russ (unassisted), Russ (from Craig), and lastly Brooks (from Tony). The last of those three sealed the win by “mercy” at the 17:35-mark of the final period — perhaps a Pirate all-time record. It was our most convincing win in some time. We had it all working, especially the Captain, who showed great life to net his thirteenth career hattrick. Harris also played well in the win, allowing just two goals during regulation. A pat on the back is due to everyone for a great team effort. Oh, and in an author's note, Brooks netted his seventh career hattrick to surpass future Hall-of-Famer #67. (Sorry Brian, I had to rub that in a little.)
date of game: 1.31.07

WON 10-2


For calling from the airplane (you could actually hear the stewardess giving emergency exit instructions on his cellphone message) to say he could sub, and then scoring a hattrick — jet lag was not a factor obviously.

For his 3-point night. (That's 7 points in his two Wednesday night appearances, if you're keeping track.)


For his 3-point night ... but more because of the fashion statement he made by wearing a camo tee during the game (shown below).

Photo: Annie Leibovitz